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With laser being a old technology, using it in a performance context have great potential.
Working with pure light compared to the normal pixel based projections laser
can add another layer to the mapped and interactive installations.
The last three years I have developed at real time laser system for performative purposes,
developing an adaptive framework for interactive installations and performances.
The ethernet based system feeds the laser with real time frames while normal lasers
works with a file player that plays the animation. Working with this new real time laser
makes it possible to get feedback from users and spectators.
For example by touching a laser beam that reacts and moves instantly, making the laser
interactive and reacting to movement, sound and inputs. Also putting real time laser layers
on projection mappings have been made with great success.
Making a versatile and stabile laser system that is easy to calibrate and work with in
performances such as projection-mapping and interactive installations have been accomplished.
Sending frames to the laser through a small program using the Syphon technology makes this
a stable way of controlling the laser.