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Gloria scene at Roskilde festival 2013

Obscura was entitled to manage the Gloria stage of the 2013 Roskilde Festival. As part of the crew I was engaged in both the building of the stage and technical setup as well as the live visual performances during the concerts. The stage was an unique cave like structure with video projectors set up to cover the whole surface. Alongside the projectors three remote controlled cameras was used in order to project live images of the performing musicians onto the structure.

The challenge for me, as a artist, was to accommodate to the very diverse line up of musicians - from east asian folk music to minimal electronic soundscapes during the four days of the festival. My performance alongside the artist Andy stott i will never forget.

Installation and mapping design: Obscura and Bo Thorning
Programming: Obscura and Bo Thorning
Roskilde scenographer: Aske Nørregaard & Maria Lindstrøm