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Exhibited at CLICK new media art festival 2013


Material: Electronics and Insects

With small sensors the movement of insects is captured and interpreted as a stream of data. The data stream is created from the movement of insects and is fed into a network protocol, where it becomes binary data. The movement of the insects is broadcasted as a data stream. What is measured is pure instinct. The insects have no freedom of will and there is no premeditation in their movements.  The hive brain moves their tiny bodies in predetermined, but indiscernible patterns.

The captured patterns of instinct are imperceptible. Movement can be observed, but is perceived as pure randomization. The inner logic that animates the insects is hidden from view. We must translate. 

The captured movement is transformed and shaped into music. In listening to music we piece together patterns where they are hidden. It is the sound of instinct. It is neurons fizzing and colliding. It is the pulse of BIOS.